Distorted Mind “The Chicago Remixes”

Distorted Mind “The Chicago Remixes”
Release date
23 February 2016
Anthony K.
Distorted Mind “The Chicago Remixes”
23 February 2016 | House

The three remixes package of Anthony K.’s ‘Distorted Mind’ is what everybody affiliated with the production of House music expects and dreams of.
The recognition that defines this genre.
Straight outta the ‘motherland’, the ‘navel of’, Chicago, three remixes out of three ‘Chi-town”s specialists;
– Anthony Nicholson finely polished and created an exuberant remix thats
dreamscaping the mind.
– K’Alexi Shelby, one of Chicago’s true heroes, filtered the ruff edges and pumped
the energy to extremities.
– Abicah Soul gave a good ‘treatment’ to the track’s african spirit and elevated it
to the zenith.

The Deep, the Ruff and the Zenith of a ‘Distorded Mind’ is here.