Anthony K. – Distance

Anthony K. – Distance
Jazz House
Release date
22 March 2016
Anthony K.
Anthony K. – Distance
22 March 2016 | Jazz House

There is a natural DISTANCE between body and mind.
It’s the moment that your mind wants to listen carefully and decode the sounds that reach you ear, but your body wants to move to the rhythm freely.
However, this project is a strong exception to this biological rule.
It’s like one of those occasions that a Jazz Trio is jamming so hard that the mind is following the body and dancing is the only way to express itself.
That great DISTANCE comes to a minimum, when you listening to Anthony K.’s same titled new track. Because that Jazz Trio went ballistic and the groove reached the fine boundaries of House music. And back. And forth. And back again. And all those oscillations happen so fast so there is no DISTANCE to travel at the end.
A track that moves and makes you feel. An artistic projection of what Anthony K. is and represents. Innovation on hard “four on the floor” beats.
In our dictionary this is the definition of Art in the House music and that’s what “DISTANCE” is.

Mixed by Anthony K. @ Kibadog Studio (c)
Keys/synths: Dimitris Keramidakis recorded @ DK Suite Studio
Digital and Vinyl Mastering: Luca D’Arle (I-records)