Anthony K. – Afrodite

Anthony K. – Afrodite
Release date
05 August 2014
Anthony K.
Anthony K. – Afrodite
05 August 2014 | HOUSE

Produced & arranged by Anthony K.
@ Kibadog Studio 2014 (c)
Additional Keys & Synths by Dimitris Keramidakis
Piano, Keys and Synth Recordings @ DK Suite Studio
Mastering by Luca D’Arle (I-Records)

Afrodite feedback:

Jose Marquez (Tribe Records):
“Anthony K. once again providing us with some heat for the dance floor, great release”

Louie Lou Gorbea (Omni Tutu / Crossroads, NY):
“Original mix is wicked… Percussion and bassline is over the top……great stuff !!!!!!
Rhythm Inside mix.. wooooooo…drums are hot !!!!!”

Rescue Poetix (Open Bar / Hoenycomp Music):
“Afrodite (Rhythm Inside mix) has a classic feel to it. A Latin Jazz vibe that’s made rich with subtle percussion.”

Soulbasics (UK):
“Original is a percussive African deep house with layers of synths and a multitude of instruments making an appearance from church organs to flutes, it’s all going on here!
Rhythm Inside Mix has more of a groove on the bass-line happening here which carries the jazz inspired piano keys and guitar. There’s a much more atmospheric feel to this mix.”

Dj Angelo (Global Fantasy / Tribe Records, GR):
“There is Rhythm Inside, Afrodite is a spiritual dancefloor banger!”

DeeperSoul Blog (Portugal):
“Afrodite, this is your own sound… a perfect blend of Deep, Afro, Techy and Dubby elements with your healthy and trademark irreverence. Respect.”

Housemotion Radio Show (GR):
“Lush basslines, nice funky synths and dope percussions! Original mix is the one for me! Quality work!”